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We have a wide range of treatments, with more on the way as the beauty industry is forever growing and gaining exciting new treatments.

Green Eyes and Makeup

Microblading Eyebrows

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Microblading is a semi permanant eyebrow procedure to give you beautiful natural looking eyebrows if you don’t have full brows or much hair. Microblading is a form of tattoo but we use a manual tool to implant dye under the skin to create hairstrokes to mimic natural hair.

Microblading eyebrows suits people who have the wrong brow shape, over plucked, loss of hair/patchy areas and won't grow back or medical reason such as alopecia or chemotherapy.

Manicured Nails
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Gel Polish Manicure

Gel polish is a polish that we use which is stronger and more protective than normal polish and it also dries using UV light so you can walk away with dry nails and it lasts about twice as long as normal polish.

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Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing is so quick, easy and safe. We are trained to pierce lobes and cartilage and we use all CAFLON products, which are high quality and all hypo-allergenic earrings.



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Dermaplaning uses a surgical blade to perform a deep exfoliation. The edge of the scalpel is used at a 45-degree angle to scrape the build-up of dirt and oils in and around the skin and vellus hair. The vellus hair is completely removed during the process leaving skin ultra-smooth and creating the perfect base for make-up application.

Applying false lashes in a salon

Classic Individual

Eyelash Extensions

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Here we attach one eyelash extension onto one of you natural lashes. The process is repeated until every one of your natural lashes has an extension attached. This is a great starting point if you have never had eyelash extension before and are unsure, The end result is natural and beautiful final look.

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Waxing is more effective than shaving, waxing is one of the most popular hair removal treatments, targeting areas such as legs, underarms, bikini line and eyebrows.


Spray Tanning

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Spray Tanning is the fast and safe alternative to UV tanning, using a fine mist application means that you get a completely even tan with no unsightly markings. Carried out by highly-trained professionals to give you a flawless, streak-free gorgeous natural-looking tan. The colour can be varied to suit individuals from light, medium to deliciously dark.

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Eyelash Lifting

Eyelash Lifting is where we lift the lashes from the root giving them a more curled appearance opening up the eye and making you lashes look longer.

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Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a process of restructuring the brow hairs to keep them in a desired shape, the brows are brushed into the desired position and a “laminating” solution is applied, to keep the hairs in place.

Professional Eyebrows
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Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

Tinting is where we mix a bespoke shade of dye for each individual client which then we apply to the brows or lashes which defines shapes and enhances your natural hairs.

Eyebrow Threading
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Threading is an ancient art of hair removal which originated in the middle east and is where we use thread to pull out eyebrow hairs to shape the eyebrows.

Permanent makeup
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Lip Blush Tattoo

Lip blush tattooing helps to cover the loss of natural lip colour by defining the lip shape to give the illusion of fuller lips. Loss of colour can be due to ageing, scarring or filler. There are many colours to choose from to get the look you like, from strong lipstick looks to very natural lip colouring.

Ombre brow tattoo.jpg
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Ombre Brow Tattoo

Ombre brows are created using a shading technique that gives the illusion of fuller brows without being too heavy on your face. The machine creates tiny pixels which look like soft brow pencil when finished.

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Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliner tattoo helps to give the illusion of a natural, fuller and darker lash line every day without having to apply eyeliner yourself; the tattoo can last up to 18 months before needing to be topped up.  

Face mask
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Luxury Facial

A Luxury Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, with a facial steam, massage around neck, shoulders and face followed by a face mask to clear blocked pores and cleanse the skin deeply to leave it glowing and feeling refreshed.

Relaxing Back Massage
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Swedish Massage

In our Swedish massages, we use Eve Taylor aromatherapy oils which help to relax and rejuvenate your body.

BIAB Manicure.jpg
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BIAB Manicure

Builder in a bottle is a thick gel polish designed to keep natural nails strong whilst promoting long-lasting nail health, which helps to grow your nails, leaving great lasting results.

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Acrylics are perfect for somebody who wants to add length and shape to your nails without waiting for them to grow naturally.

manicure pedicure
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Luxury Pedicure

Our luxury gel polish pedicure includes cuticle work, foot soak and spa, hard skin removal, gel polish application and then a foot massage to finish it all off, leaving your feet feeling soft and fresh.


Gift Vouchers Available

Give a fantastic treatment to friends and family with our Gift Vouchers - Vouchers can only be purchased in the salon..

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